Episode 7 – Bottled Water: Just Say No

Community-supplied potable water is likely the cleanest and best-regulated it has ever been. Yet the production and consumption of bottled drinking water, relatively un-regulated and significantly more expensive than its municipal counter-part, remains an increasingly powerful and financially lucrative industry. In this episode, we will explore the environmental and financial costs of bottled water, and visit […]

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The Podcast Is Now Live!

In addition checking out episodes and bonus content of Water You Talking About here on wordpress, you can now subscribe on iTunes at this link or on Stitcher. You should also like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter @WaterPodcast. The first four episodes are for bingeing, one will come each month after this.

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Episode 4- Water Legends

  Our water systems seem like a pretty mundane part of life right now, but the developments that got us to this point were made by some truly heroic people and epic events. In this episode we travel through space and time to find out what made our water systems great.

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Episode 3- The Number 1890

Agriculture is by far one of the largest users of water because, well, it takes a lot of water to grow food! And as the population grows larger and larger, we can expect our food and water consumption to also increase. And this may seem obvious, but it has huge impacts on food and water […]

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