About “Water You Talking About”

Water You Talking About is a podcast produced by the students of ReNUWIt, the NSF’s Engineering Research Center for Reinventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure.

All of the producers are full-time doctoral students researching urban water technologies at one of our four campuses: Colorado School of Mines, New Mexico State, Stanford University, and UC Berkeley.

The podcast releases about one episode each month.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or GooglePlay.

Also follow us on twitter: @waterpodcast and like us on Facebook: Water You Talking About Podcast

Learn more about the research center at ReNUWIt.org

The Team


Joe Charbonnet is a fifth-year PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley researching how stormwater can be transformed from a nuisance into a resource. He likes brewing beer and exploring the outdoors. He is a president emeritus of the ReNUWIt student leadership council. He likes his water at around pH 7 with a pe between 13 and -7.


IMG_2072 2

Dr. Skuyler Herzog postdoctoral researcher at Indiana University and an alumnus of the Colorado School of Mines. His ReNUWIt research dealt with engineering natural/green infrastructure to more efficiently clean up stormwater and wastewater pollution in the US and East Africa. A gentle giant, Skuyler loves to play sports, camp, travel, study languages, and read. He is a president emeritus of the ReNUWIt student leadership council. He likes his water at 109.5° bond angles.

Face1Scott Miller is a 4th year PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley investigating the effects of advanced treatment technologies on the microbiology of direct potable reuse systems.  Alpine skiing, board games, tennis, historical documentaries, and baclava keeps this guy moving. He is a president emeritus of the ReNUWIt student leadership council. He likes his water as Ice-IX.

img_3468.jpgDr. Chris Olivares Martinez is a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley. He earned his PhD at the University of Arizona. He researchers how microbiology can be useful in removing pollution from the environment. Chris speaks English, Spanish, French, and Greek and swims with Team Fuego at Cal. He likes his water extra splashy and with no contamination.


IMG_3488Chelsea Panos is a 3rd year PhD Student at the Colorado School of Mines. She researches how new trends of urban growth in the form of infill develop impact stormwater runoff in Denver, Colorado via super fun and fancy computer modeling. For fun, Chelsea takes a variety of dance classes at a local studio from ballet to hip hop to a Latin fusion class called “Groovalicious.” She likes her water in the flickering cluster model.


pic of me 3Hannah Greenwald is a PhD student at UC Berkeley researching the microbial communities of direct potable reuse systems and technologies to recover nutrients from urine. As a southern transplant, Hannah loves exploring all the Bay Area has to offer. Her favorite activities include yoga, dancing, travel, and listening to podcasts. Hannah enjoys her water straight from the tap!




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